So, you want to share your story? That’s terrific! Please check out the details below to make sure you send us the right information and how we need to receive it.

To discuss by phone, call us on 0402 887 099

We prefer your submissions through email.

All images and text must be sent to the

We are passionate about content that’s novel, innovative and has a great back-story, and we love beautiful images.

As we receive a vast number of submissions, we cannot respond to all of them, but we review all the submissions we receive.

How can I submit a story or project to you?

So, we can consider your story, please submit it by sending us an email with a good selection of jpegs (3000px minimum on the smallest side), a few lines of text regarding the project, and any relevant links. Please read through our copyright policy before you submit anything to us.

If you prefer to send your images in a zipped format or via filesharing links, please attach a few samples of your images to your email, so we have an overview of the project. We don’t advise scrimping on the amount of images you send us – the more, the merrier!

What happens next?

Once we’ve considered your project, we’ll get in touch if we like how it looks. It could take us a while, so we’re quite happy if you want to give us a gentle nudge every so often as a reminder – we are only human, and things can get overlooked occasionally.

In the meantime, you’ll be added to our mailing list of contributors (a list of those people who have submitted a project and/or been published). So, we’ll send you an occasional email or two!

If you prefer not to receive emails, be sure to add this as part of your submission. It’s okay; we get it. You can also unsubscribe whenever you want.

We love exclusivity

There is more chance of us publishing projects which are submitted to us exclusively. If you have an exclusive to offer us, please be sure to state that clearly in your email submission.

We love movies

If you have a project-related movie, perfect, send it to us as an attachment or a link!

We love to give everyone credit

Submit your credits with your project! Particularly those for the images. We seldom pay for any photography, but do endeavour to give credits, weblinks, and exclusive rights where relevant. Generally, photographers will gladly provide us with free imagery for publishing on Boutique Developer because it is an excellent way for them to advertise their work and may lead to commissions through other alternative publications.

share and share some more!

As soon as we publish your project, please don’t forget to share through social media, bulletins, newsletters, your website, or anywhere else you can think of. It will give your project more visibility. Don’t hide!

Be involved with comments

With any luck, people will want to post comments about your project in our “comments” section. All being well, any comments will be sensible and constructive, but if not, please be involved with answering, challenging, and on the whole, interacting our visitors. Please read our comments policy for information on the way we handle comments.

Legal Material

Please ensure the content you submit to us is yours and you have the IP rights (intellectual property rights) to it. By this we mean, for instance, copyright of the content is owned by you in addition to any relevant trademark or registered/unregistered design rights. If you are unsure, please be certain to check.

Wherever a claim is made by someone that they own all or any part of the intellectual property rights of the content, we will examine such a claim and remove from our website any such content, where applicable. We may also pursue you for compensation.

We have a right to publish any content you send to us in full or in part, on our website, or on any website where we have rights of publishing or through other means, for instance, mobile application. We are also permitted to publish the content through third parties, where this is done in conjunction with us.

Please ensure that any submission contains no abusive, offensive, prohibited, slanderous, defamatory, discriminatory or factually erroneous content. We refuse to publish any content of this kind.

Don’t forget, any submission of content you make to us, is fully your responsibility, and you accede liability for any/all actions regarding the content. Any reviews or comments posted by you on the website or by other users doesn’t automatically reflect our views or beliefs, and we cannot be held legally responsible or accountable for content which has been submitted by you or another person.

In supplying us with your submission, you are confirming your agreement to these terms.

Thanks for sending your submission to Boutique Developer.