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Developing A Project Brand That Sells

“When a brand reflects buyer aspirations in a cohesive and compelling manner, the developer, in turn, realises outstanding sales results.” So say Robert Kantor and Digby Beckley of 630 Agency, one of Sydney’s fast-growing project marketing agencies.


Marketing’s perfect storm

More so than any other category, off-plan property demands powerful, branded marketing solutions.

“Project marketing presents a perfect storm of marketing challenges,” says Digby. “Developers are selling the highest cost item that any consumer will likely ever purchase – a product that in most cases will dictate the buyer’s quality of life for years to come. And with off property sales, all of this must be sold, without a finished product and within a short-term timeline.”

“Without a completed product,
the quality of the brand experience
is critical in determining time
on market and sale prices.”  

For most people, buying a home is themost important purchase they will ever make. It is a rational but also highly emotional decision. In a crowded market, developers must invest in a compelling and cohesive brand that strikes an emotive chord while also instilling confidence that the developer will complete their home on time and to a high level of finish. This confidence is derived from the developer’s reputation and of course from the quality of the brand experience.

“A project’s brand is not merely a name and logo. It is the complete buyer experience when engaging with the project.
The location, the floor plans, the CGI renderings, brochures and the online experience: each facet of the campaign must support the lifestyle dream.”

Quality in all aspects of the campaign assures buyers that they are transacting with an experienced and professional organisation that understands and values quality and craftsmanship.


Painting the perfect picture from the start

“The marketing process should begin as early as the choosing of an architect,” says Robert.

“I’ve seen outstanding marketing material with magnificent brochures, websites and advertising that failed to sell because, from the outset, floor plans were mismatched to target buyer demographics. Ultimately, great marketing material can do only so much. The product must deliver on the sales pitch and, with development marketing, you only get one chance to get it right. This is a cornerstone of the brand experience.”

Quality and styling of the CGIs are key. They paint a picture for buyers of what is to come. A high degree of realism and a photographer’s eye for light and composition should set a mood that reflects the essence of the lifestyle offering and supports the brand story.


Knowing your market

From the outset, developers must have a clear picture of the ‘dream’ they are selling based upon likely buyer demographics. Is the brand talking to wealthy downsizers, young families or executives? Each stage of life comes with its own dreams and aspirations. Marketing agencies must have a clear understanding of who their target market is and what these people are seeking, both practically and emotionally.

“Brands, like reputations, must be invested in”

Every project is an opportunity to build a saleable project brand while attaching ever more well-received projects to your company name and reputation. Each project should leverage the developer brand as well as enhance its credibility. Over time this rub-off on the developer brand makes the sales process easier as buyers choose established and trusted developer brands over an unknown or poorly perceived company.

“In our experience, developers who invest in their brand experience at all touch points: from display suites to websites, brochures and CGIs are
the ones who move stock faster and more profitably.”

“Well-conceived products that are well marketed are the ones that people talk about, no matter the category. Property is no different.”


To discuss your project marketing requirements with 630 Agency, Contact Robert on 0402 887 099.


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